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Having your roof cavity cleaned out regularly is beneficial to you and your family for a number of reasons. We never really know quite what's lurking in our roof - there could be potential toxins that may be harmful to you and your family, a build-up of dust that is affecting an allergy sufferer in your home, or hidden nasties such as rodents that have made themselves at home in your roof.

Some of the benefits of having a regular Roof Cavity Clean can assist in the comfort of your home by:


  • Preventing any unwanted visitors living in your roof (such as mice/rats/bugs).

  • Preventing potential fire risks (such as leaves and sticks).

  • Cleaning out any potential toxins that may cause harm to you and your family (such as potential lead contamination in the dust)


  • Reducing the weight on your ceiling caused by debris (such as roof tiles, bricks, concrete and leftover plasterboard) and ultimately, giving your ceiling a better chance of staying up where it should be.

Contact Us to find out more about our Roof Cavity Cleaning Service, and enjoy your home in Complete Comfort.


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